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Guangdong Shundeli Lottery Tent Co., Ltd. Congratulations on Happy Dragon Boat Festival!

author: Guangdong Shunde Li Cai Tent Co., Ltd. Publication time:2018-06-15 16:04:29

           Two days later is the annual Dragon Boat Festival, which has the customs of eating zongzi, dragon boat racing, calamus, artemisia, mugwort and fumigating atractylodes, Angelica dahurica and drinking realgar wine. In Guangdong, dragon boat racing is an indispensable part of our custom. Watching the warriors on board shout and the people on the shore shout is the Dragon Boat Festival program. Of course, it is our traditional dumplings. Guangdong Shundeli Lottery Tent Co., Ltd. wishes all colleagues a happy Dragon Boat Festival!