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What are the benefits of an outdoor tent?!

author: Guangdong Shunde Li Cai Tent Co., Ltd. Publication time:2018-09-08 15:35:21


Camping can be a very interesting activity, whether you're at a local camp or backpacking with your spouse. However, if you want to enjoy the camping experience, a quality tent is absolutely necessary. For you to choose the best tent, choose a tent type to determine the size and shape, in order to meet your specific needs. Make sure it includes the features you want and is made of high quality materials.

If you want to stand up, go to the umbrella. The shape of the umbrella is a good choice for larger groups because its large windows and high walls make it feel very spacious.

2. Choose an easy-to-build tent. After a long, hard week or a futile day of hiking, the last thing you want to do is spend a lot of time setting up shelters. You will be particularly grateful for a tent that can be built quickly when the rain starts to pour or the sun starts to set. Find words such as & ldquo; pop-up & rdquo; & ldquo; & easy & rdquo; & ldquo; & immediate & rdquo; and & ldquo; quickly open & rdquo; in the name and description of the tent.





3. Ensure that tents provide adequate weather protection. Whether you're camping in hot summer or camping every summer, you need a tent that provides the right weather protection. The way you need to protect depends largely on the climate in your area, but rain is a weather that almost every camper needs to protect. Make sure your tent is completely covered with rain forest. The bathtub floor prevents rain from entering the tent because a large seamless material covers the entire tent floor. Although at the time it seemed like a cost-effective option, buying a cheap tent would cause rain to enter the tent and destroy valuables.

4. Priority should be given to the weight and packability of backpacks. Especially if you plan to take your tent with you on a long trip, you will need to be as light as possible and easily compressed. The lighter the material, the more expensive the tent will be.






5. Storage and vestibule to the maximum extent. If you have a lot of supplies, clothes, etc., taking a tent with at least one lobby can really expand your storage space. They can be located in the front or back of the tent, or on one side. They can also make the process of getting in and out of tents smoother. Square floors also help maximize storage possibilities.

6. Be sure to buy a footprint to walk with your tent. The footprint is a piece of cloth under your tent. This will not only protect the tent floor from the erosion of rocks and debris, but also prevent the formation of condensation of the ground inside the tent, if you put the tent on a cold and humid site. Many tents have a matching footprint that can be fastened or cut to the bottom of the tent.





Seventh, weigh the advantages and disadvantages of single wall or double wall. Most tents are single-walled or double-walled. Every aspect has a good aspect, not a good one, so consider which one is worth it for you. Single-walled tents will be lighter and easier to set up, but provide less protection and storage space. Double-walled tents provide more space and protection, but they are heavier.