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Guangdong Shundeli Lottery Tent Co., Ltd. wishes you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

author: Guangdong Shunde Li Cai Tent Co., Ltd. Publication time:2018-09-18 09:47:28


The Mid-Autumn Festival began in the early Tang Dynasty and prevailed in the Song Dynasty. By the Ming and Qing Dynasties, it had become one of the Chinese traditional festivals with the same name as the Spring Festival. Influenced by Chinese culture, Mid-Autumn Festival is also a traditional festival for overseas Chinese in East and Southeast Asian countries, especially the local Chinese. This is the festival of Mid-Autumn Festival reunion!

Here we wish you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival! In the Mid-Autumn festival, I miss you by short message. Haoyue empty people are not happy without you. May the bright moon convey my wishes to you as soon as possible. Happiness is long and lasting. Life is sweet and sweet. Every day is happy and smiling!