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Hunan Changsha holds the theme outdoor reading activity of "Shuxiang Hunan " Xiangjiang

author: Guangdong Shunde Li Cai Tent Co., Ltd. Publication time:2016-05-17 17:03:05


As one of the thematic activities of “ Shuxiang Hunan & bull; Xiangjiang Reading Season & rdquo; on March 5, Changsha Library held “ outdoor tent Reading Festival & rdquo; and also drove mobile bikes into the campus to borrow more than 3000 books for students free. In addition, Changsha College also held the “ Reading Sharing Conference ” Final, as the campus culture project of Changsha College - & mdash; & mdash; Zhiyuan Reading Engineering sub-project, which lasted two months. It was divided into three stages: class preliminary contest, grade resumption contest and final contest. A total of 10 college students'reading enthusiasts shared 10 good books. In the final contest, students share their unique reading experience, so that teachers and students can get inspiration from the fragrance of books.

According to relevant media reports, under the blue sky and white clouds, in the bright moonlight, a tent was set up to isolate all external affairs, just for quiet reading. Recently, a small army-green tent has been set up on the front lawn of Changsha University Library. When students choose a good book, they can't wait to get into the tent and read it happily. & hellip; & hellip; Recently, the Department of Economics and Management of Changsha University and Changsha City Library have cooperated to open & ldquo; reading project & rdquo; construction projects, including outdoor reading festival, reading and sharing club, good. A series of activities, such as book rafting, literary forum, literary works contest, etc.

It can be said that the practice of moving reading outdoors is also because many students find that reading outdoors, the mood is more concentrated, but the dullness of books is reduced. So the outdoor reading Festival is a good way to read. Not only to relieve pressure for students, but also to let them experience different ways of reading, in fact, it is more vivid and interesting. In fact, reading needs a quiet environment, but we can not lack the kind of voice given by nature, such as wind, rain, bird calls and so on.

First, decide the location of the tent, according to the order, four people work together, it does not take much time, can be set up. In order to consider the situation when the tent was withdrawn, it would be more convenient to note down the initial match.

There are different kinds of tents, and there are also different ways of making, matching and combining. Small tents, A-type tents and wall-type tents, due to the sequence of construction, are combined in a way of using cable to build & ldquo; erecting tents & rdquo; and recently developed and improved warhead-type and hut-type tents belong to & ldquo; combined tents & rdquo;.

Following is an example of one of the basic tents, the wall tent which has been quite popular since ancient times, to illustrate the way of setting up the tent.

A. The decision of location is to choose a flat land after considering the wind direction and terrain.

B. Inspection of tent appliances will pour out the items collected in bags and inspect parts one by one. In order to facilitate the withdrawal of tents and not omit anything, it should be recorded first.

C. After laying the ground cushion, fix the four corners with nails. If there is much moisture, first lay a mat, then lay a mat on it.

D. Stand up the pillars, pull the main rope and put the bottom of the pillars into the holes at both ends of the ground cushion. At the same time, the tip of the upper part of the pillars is penetrated into the holes of the two pillars of the curtain pillars. Pull up the left and right main ropes to avoid the left and right inclination. In this way, the main body shape of the tent is formed.

E. Adjust the main rope, pull up the angle rope and waist rope to attach to the main rope, adjust the shape of the tent, and erect the two pillars vertically on the ground. Secondly, adjust the angle rope and waist rope with the supporting rope to make the form of the tent appear.

F. Fixed wall

Connect the tent floor cloth, floor mattress and the lower part of the wall. The above is the construction sequence of wall tents. Four people work together in a skilled state, about 10-mdash; 15 minutes can be completed.

Usually, roofs are added to reduce the effects of wind, rain, sun and cold. In step D, when the pillar is inserted into the holes at both ends of the building, the roof is added first, and then the main rope is pulled up. After the main rope is fixed by nails, the end of the roof is used as the vertex to form two sides of an equilateral triangle, and the length of the bottom side is drawn to the same length as the pillar. From the top of the roof, the angle rope should be extended on the diagonal line, while the waist rope should be in line with the angle rope. In the past, when the tent was set up, ditches should be excavated around it. Now, we should stand in the position of protecting nature. We should not dig ditches unless we are in a water depression.


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