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Extreme weather, field camping survival skills are essential

author: Guangdong Shunde Li Cai Tent Co., Ltd. Publication time:2016-08-03 14:20:46

The Central Meteorological Observatory predicts that, & ldquo; Nida & rdquo; will move northwest at a speed of 20 to 25 kilometers per hour, and the intensity will continue to weaken, which will be reduced to tropical storm level. It is expected to enter Guangxi around the evening of the 2nd day, and then weaken to tropical depression in Guangxi at night of the 2nd day.

It is understood that from 14:00 on the 2nd to 14:00 on the 3rd, there will be gales of magnitude 7 to 8 in the northern South China Sea, the coastal areas of Guangdong, the Pearl River Delta and parts of the Beibu Gulf, and gusts of magnitude 9 to 10 in some areas. At the same time, there were heavy rains or rainstorms in Western Guangdong, most of Guangxi, southern Hunan and southeastern Guizhou. There were heavy rainstorms in parts of northeastern and southern Guangxi, of which there were heavy rainstorms in northeastern Guangxi. In addition, there are heavy rains and local rainstorms in parts of South-Central Anhui and south-central Jiangsu. These areas are accompanied by short-term heavy rainfall, thunderstorms and gales and other strong convective weather.

In the face of heavy rains lasting for several days, you should choose good weather to travel. In summer, rainstorms come, so how should we prevent such rainstorms? Xiaobian believes that camping in the field is a test of life, but also a challenge to our survival skills. Everyone needs to learn the survival skills in the field. Let me introduce some basic survival skills for you.

How to stay overnight is an unavoidable topic in outdoor activities for more than a day. Especially in some of the more difficult routes, it is often impossible to find a hotel or family to stay in, so a suitable tent is needed to serve as a temporary shelter. The selection and purchase of folding tents is not only tents, but also all outdoor products are based on the same principle. Suitability is the most important standard, and within the appropriate scope, it is as easy as possible to carry.

First, whether the base cloth of folding tents is strong or not, there are often broken branches in the mountains and forests, and many of them have sharp edges, which cause wear and tear on the base cloth. Therefore, attention should be paid to the treatment of the ground when erecting the base cloth. Branches are actually okay. Sometimes they will lay tents on broken stones, which can't be cleaned up completely, and sometimes even nails can't hit the ground. When choosing camping sites, they should avoid such an environment as far as possible.

Another is mosquito trouble, especially in hot summer, the mountain is hot and mosquito-infested. When choosing and purchasing, we need to pay attention to the ventilation grid of the tent. First, whether there is damage or not, and second, whether the pull-in mode is double-headed and multi-directional. One-headed and one-way pull-in mode will lead to a long time communication between the inside and outside of the account, and a higher probability of mosquito enter.

In fact, the survival skills we need are far more than these, there are many skills we need to learn, Xiaobian introduced here today, the follow-up will be one by one for you, I hope you will be more brave in Vietnam on the journey.


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