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The Second Eco-tent Festival and Grassland Public Welfare Exercise opened in Pingli County

author: Guangdong Shunde Li Cai Tent Co., Ltd. Publication time:2016-08-19 11:28:55


Zhengyang Meadow, Zhengyang Town, Pingli County, is the largest alpine meadow in southwest China. It has the reputation of & ldquo; Yunzhong grassland, outdoor paradise & rdquo; and attracts donkey friends from all over the country every year. August 13-ldquo; the second eco-tent Festival and grassland public welfare activities-rdquo; will be held on Zhengyang meadow in Pingli County for two days. It is a tent festival with the largest number of participants, the widest participation area and the greatest influence in the history of Shaanxi Province.

Camping is a kind of leisure activity, but also a short outdoor lifestyle. Usually, campers carry activity tents, camping in the field from the city and spend one or more nights. Camping is classified into regular camping, car camping, RV camping, etc. It is usually associated with other activities, such as hiking, fishing or swimming. Camping is just about being at ease and complacent. This is also the most simple side of Camping - mdash; & mdash; in the space of changing scenery, in the time of sun and moon cycle, to harvest the meaning of free and independent travel.

This event focuses on combining the local and regional characteristics of China, and skillfully combines the natural and cultural connotations with the elements of fashion trend. In addition, public welfare activities run through the whole process of this tent festival. Whether music enthusiasts, single men and women, or outdoor enthusiasts, can find their own fun in this activity.

Tents are important equipment for camping, but not the only equipment. Its role in camping is limited. Generally speaking, tents do not promise to keep warm. Camping is the task of sleeping bags. The main functions of tents are windproof, rain proof, dust proof, dew proof and moisture proof, providing campers with a relatively comfortable rest environment. According to the above objectives, the selection of tents should focus on the following factors. Carry, if it is a backpacker, or that kind of traditional tent is more convenient, after disassembly can be put directly into the backpack, self-driving can choose to open the tent quickly, after closing is a round cake shape, suitable for storage in the trunk.

Although the use of tents is not complicated, it should be said that it is also a knowledge, the same tents, properly used, windproof, rainproof effect is good, on the contrary, it is not ideal. Of course, different uses can also choose different tents, professional outdoor and amateur after all, there are differences, in the choice should be clearly positioned, in order to choose a satisfactory tent.

The beauty of traveling often exists in the vast contrast with our ordinary life. Camping is about discovering and searching for treasures we don't know, curious about, or once owned but forgotten.


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