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Outdoor cycling is at Ordos Beautiful Country Tourism Festival

author: Guangdong Shunde Li Cai Tent Co., Ltd. Publication time:2016-08-26 10:18:05

On the morning of August 12, the opening ceremony of Dongsheng beautiful rural tourism season was held in the outdoor tent camp of Zaohuo Moat Village. As one of the important activities of the first Ordos Beautiful Rural Tourism Festival, the launch of Dongsheng Beautiful Rural Tourism Season has attracted many tourists, cyclists and rural hikers.

The benefits of outdoor cycling are unlimited time and speed. Outdoor cycling can not only reduce weight, but also make the body symmetrical. Because cycling requires a lot of oxygen, it can also strengthen the heart function. It also prevents high blood pressure, sometimes more effective than drugs. Stepping on a bicycle compresses blood vessels, speeds up blood circulation, increases oxygen intake by the brain, and adds a lot of fresh air to the brain, which makes it feel clearer. When you ride a bicycle, you feel very free and happy. It is no longer just a means of substitution, but also a way of enjoying the soul.

With the improvement of life, many people will have excess nutrition and weight rise rapidly. At this time, we need to exercise to make the body fat consumption, so as to protect our health, and is also a good way of decompression. Of course, we must maintain our tent when we go out and come back. It is a necessary tool for us to go camping.

To participate in outdoor tent camping activities in Guangdong, outdoor tents are always indispensable equipment. But after we use it, how do we clean and maintain it? The main points for attention are as follows.

1.Clean the inside and outside tents, ground nails, poles, mainly clean the mud and grass, dust, snow and insects that stick to the tents.

2. Outdoor tents must not be machine-washed, or they will completely damage the coating of the tent, press glue, make your tent scrap, can be washed with water, hand rubbing cleaning methods, use non-alkaline detergent, in particular dirty parts can be scrubbed with cloth, must not use brushes and other hard things to scrub the tent, will damage the water-proof coating of the tent, destroy its waterproof.

3. After cleaning the outdoor tent, the most important thing is to put the tent in the ventilation place to thoroughly dry, especially the screen tent. When cleaning, we must wash the detergent and fully dry, otherwise the fabric will become mildewed and sticky together, reduce the service life of the outdoor tent, and affect your next trip.

In fact, life is always carefully arranged, so that we can have a good time camping outside, and make appropriate plans, buy the corresponding goods, so that we can start our new journey, and let our body and mind in the embrace of nature do aerobic breathing.

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