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Tent manufacturer: What about the condensate of tent in cold environment?

author: Guangdong Shunde Li Cai Tent Co., Ltd. Publication time:2017-01-13 09:46:23

There are no tents without dew. The principle of condensation is that the temperature inside the tent is higher, the temperature of the tent wall is lower, and the water vapor inside the tent condenses on the top of the tent wall. At night, the body's respiratory system and sweat are 200-500 ml. If the temperature is very low, the temperature in the sleeping bag insulation layer will drop below dew point, and the moisture will accumulate in the sleeping bag insulation layer. This is one of the most important considerations for long winter camping.

Simply put, in the cold environment, single-layer or internal or external accounts, if the design of the ventilation hood is not good, the problem is inevitable, why? First of all, understand where the water comes from, to sleep, one is the body evaporated water, one is the mouth exhaled water vapor, gas and steam two words are very different. Water vapor is a permeable coating material, and the mouth exhales water vapor at the beginning. Because of the large exhalation volume, the mouth becomes vapor when it is cold. The white flower one is already a tiny water droplet, which is larger than the micro-pore of the permeable coating material, and can rarely penetrate out. For example, Goretex, which has more than one hundred and one-meter micro-porous membrane fabrics, the temperature difference between inside and outside is large. If the ventilation cover function is low and the moisture drying speed is lower than the exhalation speed, the iron will condense in the inner layer of the fabric, and the windows will frost and fog.

Due to cost problems, tent fabrics are inexpensive PU coatings, which are not breathable at all, like plastic cloth, will certainly condensate. Tent PU coated fabrics are priced at 4 to 8 pieces per meter. Clothing is cheap and has certain air permeability. The so-called low permeability (below 3,000 air permeability) price is 12 to 18 pieces per meter. Tent materials are less than 10 meters and more than tens of meters. The cost of using air permeable fabrics is astonishing! Ferrino's MonterLite Mountain Tent clothing air permeable fabrics are sold for thousands of pieces.

So how to avoid, there are many ways: keep ventilation, this depends on the design of tents, each has its own merits, especially the single-layer bottom (the floor and the tent are sewn together), the top must be well ventilated, otherwise condensate will flow down to choose double-layer tent with the bottom of the package, ventilated inside tent, condensate will flow down along the outside tent, here we must pay attention to the ventilation capacity of the inside tent, if ventilated. Not good is very dangerous, but condensate is also good, in cold environment, if condensate on the internal accounts constantly frost, resulting in a completely airtight closed internal accounts will suffocate people. Big tents can make fires inside, not make fires in the assembly structure design..... In the absence of exhaled water vapor environment, the selection of breathable fabric tents (in the absence of weight requirements, cotton tents, breathable and humid are choking), and the selection of waterproof good, to prevent wet cloth to reduce the permeability, this depends on financial resources.....

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