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 Crank-arm telescopic awning 05

Crank-arm telescopic awning 05

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Aluminum alloy skeleton structure, crank arm connecting part has a strong spring, using manual or electric compression spring to make the tent closed, using the elastic force of the crank arm to open and extend the awning. When the horizontal push crank arm is moving, the arm of the guide rod and the guide rod should be pushed perpendicularly between the two arms, so that the tent fabric is in a tense state. Aluminum alloy skeleton, lightweight and firm mechanism, surface anodized plastic spraying, paint place

Reasonable, durable, smooth and bright appearance, corrosion resistance. Widely applicable to villas, residential complex, leisure villas, stores, schools, companies and other occasions, but not for high-rise buildings, not suitable for installation in maintenance, inconvenient operation and windy places.