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How to Choose Tents Suitable for Yourself?

author: Guangdong Shunde Li Cai Tent Co., Ltd. Publication time:2018-06-08 13:42:15

There are many tents on the market, which makes it a difficult problem to choose a suitable outdoor tent. Big or small models of car camping and hiking. We have compiled this simple guide to help you buy the right tent.

The purpose of using outdoor tents. Do you need that light tent? Because you just go out for the night and weekend trips? Do you have time for backpack trips? Or just buy a simple camping tent?

Decide what size you want to buy. If you're camping in a car, buy a huge tent that's bigger than you need. You will appreciate the extra space to scroll, and you will have enough space for dogs and children. If you are traveling in a backpack, buy a bigger tent than you need. Only you and your partner can buy a three-person tent. You'll have more space to store more things, and it won't weigh much.

Choose lighter or heavier outdoor tents. If you carry a tent and buy a backpack model, it's probably made of light material. Sometimes people ask about non-tent tents rather than special tent posts. If you're hiking, because they're ultra-light, they're great, but for ordinary users, stand-alone tents are easier to set up and still easy to pack. If you're a car camper, then weight is not a problem.

Do you know what kind of weather you're camping in? A backpack trip on an island? You need a good three-season tent, a bomber and a good lobby to store equipment in the rain. Cars camping in the south? You can leave a two-season tent to make sure it protects you from the sun and has many vents to keep the air flowing. If you are camping in an alpine environment, you need a four-season tent.

Pay attention to packaging. Weight is the most important consideration, but you still need to make sure that your outdoor tent fits your backpack or is easy to carry outside. If you buy this tent, try packing the tent in bags that are not strong enough and consider the best way to distribute the load among multiple packages so that you can share the weight.

Study durability. This is not just a matter of car camping tents, all types of outdoor tents should be compared, do a good job on the Internet survey, optimistic online comments. We must do some research well.

Study on the convenience of use. This is another online search, or better yet, talking to tent store employees. Most outdoor tents are intuitive nowadays, but some are much easier to build than in the wind or in the dark. Tip: Before you go camping, be sure to practice building tents in the backyard.

So when you buy a tent, you must make a thorough study of what kind of travel you need and what kind of tent you are suitable for, in order to provide a good tent experience for your trip.

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